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Ours DVD =OUT OF STOCK PERMANENTLY many thanks.x to check availablity of $1 DVDs before ordering.

Nature – Native Creatures – Environment

A Green Ribbon 2011 Award-winning NZ Nature DVD for Children encouraging conservation and care through 55 informative topics about our Native creatures, interesting land areas and children engaged in Environmental care. The alphabetic structure, gentle pace, narration and ‘real’ doco-style filming…
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Our Creative Children = OUT OF STOCK permanently

Nature – Art – Creativity $9.99


A DVD designed to inspire Children (and parents/teachers) everywhere! To encourage ideas and imagination; to explore creativity and art. With the Natural Environment in all its magnificence as inspiration, Our Creative Children introduces 8 art concepts and a wealth of ideas…

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Our Green Roadie = OUT OF STOCK permanently

NZ Eco-Stories $9.99


This heartening Kiwi Documentary shares snapshots and stories from 50 New Zealanders, from Riverton to Northland, who have Eco-conscious and Economically viable businesses and lifestyles; from individual households to multi-million dollar enterprises. This is a film to challenge, inspire and empower people to live their dreams for a better world, right now…
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About: OURS "This DVD is "us and ours". The narrator is so kiwi in her speech that I immediately smiled and knew that this DVD is for us, and it is about ours. Neither flashy nor show-off, it shows off some of the creatures who make this land (and sea) their home. Some, like the Kakapo and Hoiho, are residents here since they began, but others like the goat and the yellow hammer were introduced and they stayed - flourished even. Arranged as an eco-alphabet, the DVD also explores some of the eco issues up for us now on a stressed planet, including the three R's reduce, recycle and reuse. Up-cycling and zero-waste are not only handy for the DVD's alphabet format (since we don't have a lot of unicorns and zebras in New Zealand), they are also simple ways of giving children (and we adults) a look at the bigger picture of what it means to be the Guardians of Ours." "–Pennie Brownlee - Author of Magic Places

About: OUR GREEN ROADIE August 2013 "...It is a must-see movie for anyone seeking to live better not faster, and will stir that proud Kiwi within you. A living tale of the values that we hold true as a nation....We have always been a nation of over-achievers which is great, but it's even better when those overachievers value people and resources, not just money"–Organic NZ Magazine

About: OUR GREEN ROADIE " I absolutely loved it.There was a direct honesty about the whole thing that gave me goose-bumps. So good to see something uplifting and positive – the people you met and shared with the viewers are the true heroes of this country as far as I’m concerned. Also have to give great credit to you for going out there and just doing this.You have given a really amazing gift. Tell Connor that there are a whole bunch of people that think he did good work too!"–Lori of Waimate